Frequently asked questions about retention and graduation rates and data. Below is a link to our new visualization and table from the historical Fact Book.

The new visualizations below are intended to replace the PDF documents that have historically comprised the Fact Book. These historical views will be available through summer 2023.

How has the first-to-second year retention rate changed over time? (RG-01)
Historical view: Table 2-26

What percent of new JMU students come back year after year? (RG-02)
Historical view: Table 2-26; 2-25

How have four- and six-year graduation rates changed over time? (RG-03) New

What percent of JMU undergraduate students graduate in four, five, or six years? (RG-04) New

These new visualizations replace the interactive data housed on this website. The historic interactive data views will be available until the end of 2023.

Summary tables in the Fact Book are based on data gathered during census dates and are published to this page after official approval by the State Council for Higher Education in Virginia and/or other mandated reporting agencies.

Links to tables are made active when official data are available to report.

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