Apply to be a Leadership Counselor for the 2022 MYMOM Program!

What exactly is Make Your Mark on Madison, or MYMOM?

MYMOM is a semester-long leadership development program for first and second-year students in which they will hopefully obtain a sense of belonging, start to become more self-aware and recognize their ability for self-authorship. Your job as a Leadership Counselor would be to create an environment in your councils of 8-12 students where all of this can happen.

What is the Commitment?

Applying to be an Leadership Counselor (LC) means applying to be a part of this program for a year (spring semester-fall semester). In the Spring (’22), the commitment is lighter with training on Monday nights from 7-9pm, a retreat the weekend of February 26th, and one-on-ones (small meetings) to get to know the other LCs, the Student Directors, and the Program Director. In the Fall (’22) there is a 3-credit class that you will take on Fridays that helps you become more knowledgeable about your personal leadership and help prepare you for the various topics that you will cover during Monday night sessions. You will also move from training into LEADING your participants!

What is the application process?

The first step of the application process is to fill out the online application by February 7rd at 6 PM! Then after that, if you continue in the process, there will be interviews held February 8th-10th. Our first training will be on February 21st, so you will know by then! Also, another important date is the LC retreat which will be February 26th.

Email with any questions!

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