Commitment to Equity and Inclusion

The Student Leadership Center is committed to stand with those who raise their voices for equity, inclusion, and respect.

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Become a Strengths Coach

Become a volunteer Strengths Coach and help other JMU Dukes learn about and apply their strengths to thrive and excel in their lives.

Become a Strengths Coach

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Through presentations, 1-on-1 coaching, or customized leadership programs, we help all students become better leaders.

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Join the NEW Team! ‑ come work at the SLC & be part of a new leadership team starting Jan 2023.

Everyone Can Lead! ‑ explore the fundamental skills of leadership in this emerging leader series.

Be a MYMOM Student Directorimplement the MYMOM program, train leadership counselors, get paid.

Strengths Coaching - learn about your strengths to thrive and excel in your life.

Online Resources ‑ a storehouse of leadership development resources you can access online.

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