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Foundations for New Student Orgs is our process of preparing groups that wish to be recognized by JMU. In Foundations, groups will learn the basics about operating on campus and create a constitution for operating their student organization.

Applications for New Orgs are currently CLOSEDApplications will reopen on August 24th (the first day of classes).  

1.Online Application: Students wishing to start a new organization begin by completing the Foundations Application on New Be Involved.

Registration requirements include:

  • 3 founding members for the organization that are currently enrolled JMU students of any class standing. You must submit their campus email (@dukes.jmu.edu) or their name will not be counted.
  • JMU Faculty/staff adviser (either full time or part time, per JMU Policy 3101). This person cannot be a graduate student.
    • Need help finding an adviser? We suggest asking current faculty/staff that you know and have a relationship with if they are available and willing to be the adviser for your org!
    • Still can’t find someone? We can help! Email beinvolved@jmu.edu.
  • National affiliation information (if relevant)
  • Supplemental questions, including:
    • What is the purpose of your organization?
    • What types of activities do you foresee this organization participation in and/or hosting?
    • Is there a student organization on campus that is similar to your proposed organization? If so, how would yours be different? Have you spoken to anyone in the similar organization about combining efforts?

Please note that an organization constitution is not required at the time of applying, but one must be completed and submitted before being recognized. More will be discussed in future steps. 

2. Foundations for Student Organizations: After submitting the online registration, organizations will be confirmed to participate in the Foundations process.  The Canvas course will have presentations to be viewed and quizzes to be completed over the topics below. Only 1 person each of the presentations and quizzes on behalf of the organization, and that person can vary based on the topic (i.e. the President may want to complete the Constitution presentation/quiz while the intended treasurer may want to complete the banking & finance presentation/quiz). Topics that will be covered are:

  • Constitution Overviews
  • BeInvolved
  • Club House
  • Banking
  • Nuts & Bolts
  • Risk Management

3. Constitution Meeting: Organizations will meet with a Student Activities & Involvement staff member to discuss their constitution and answer any other questions the organization may have. Constitution drafts will be uploaded as an assignment on the Canvas course so that Student Activities staff can provide feedback and comments on the constitution during this meeting. SAI staff will reach out to organizations for scheduling the required constitution meeting after they have uploaded the constitution draft in the Canvas Course. After this meeting, the group will upload their final Constitution so the appropriate assignment on Canvas. 

4. Recognition: Once the organization has completed the presentations, quizzes, and have met with SAI staff to discuss their constitutions, the organization will be recognized when the final constitution has been submitted to the Canvas page. SAI staff will confirm the required aspects of the constitution, and then finalize the recognition by:

  • Making the organization’s BeInvolved page viewable to the public
  • Alerting Event Management & Scheduling of the new organization to allow for room reservations
  • Adding the organization to the Club House check-in process for authorized use
  • A Student Organization Mailbox will be assigned to the group (mailboxes are located in The Club House!)

The organization primary contact will receive an email alerting to the status change and the organization will be fully recognized and in good standing with full privileges offered to all of our orgs!

Helpful Resources for New Orgs

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