Need to change signers on your CommonWealth One Bank Account? 

*Please note that only recognized student organizations can open an account as a JMU Student Organization.

  • Complete the online Bank Authorization Letter Form on BeInvolved (log-in Required). This letter will be produced and ready for pick-up from Student Leadership and Involvement within 3 business days.
  • Organize a time where all of the new / remaining signers and the adviser can meet in a branch to fill out an updated account card.
  • You MUST set up an appointment with commonwealth to update the account. Click here to schedule an appointment
  • Please set aside about 10-15 minutes and all signers will need to bring a valid photo ID (Driver’s License, JAC card or passport) and know their Social Security number.
  • At the appointment all signers and the advisor will fill out an account card with information found on their photo ID.
  • The account will be updated with your new officers within 24 hours.

Have specific questions? Please contact CommonWealth One at 800.424.3334, extension 1700 or email 

Tax ID (EIN)
Your organization's tax ID, or EIN, is your federal tax ID number. Student organizations are not permitted to use the university’s tax ID or tax-exempt number. Student organizations are not permitted to share tax ID information. Student Leadership and Involvement does not keep a record of your club’s tax ID number. Make sure to pass this information along when new people are elected into office or a new advisor joins the group. Organizations wishing to open bank accounts need to apply for an Employee Identification Number (EIN) by contacting the IRS. We recommend the advisor complete this process as they tend to be with the organization longer than student officers, but it is not a requirement. When the creator of the EIN leaves the organization, the IRS needs to be informed and the org records updated. 

Already have an EIN but don’t know what it is?

  • Call the IRS at 1-800-829-4933 to immediately receive your EIN over the phone.
  • If you have an account with Commonwealth One Federal Credit Union, they have it on file. You can go by and ask them for that number.

Requesting an EIN for a NEW ORGANIZATION

  • Go to
  • Type in search bar: EIN request
  • Click on  “Apply for Employer Identification Number”
  • Click on “Apply Online Now”
  • Click OK
  • Click Begin Application
    • Select view additional types, including tax exempt and governmental organizations
    • Click Continue
    • Select Social or Savings Club
    • Click Continue
  • Fill out responsible party: Name and social security number
    • Select I am a responsible and duly authorized officer or member of this organization
    • Click Continue
  • Where is the Responsible Party Physically Located?
    • Campus address and phone number 
  • Do you have an address different from the above where you want your mail to be sent?
    • Select yes
    • Click Continue
  • What is the mailing address of the responsible party?
    • 800 S Main St Num XXXX (Put the mail box number given to you by Student Activities & Involvement here)
    • Harrisonburg
    • VA
    • 22807
    • United States
  • Click Continue
  • Tell us about the Social or Savings Club
    • Legal name of Social or Savings Club
    • County where Social or Savings Club is located – Harrisonburg
    • State – VA
    • Date business started or acquired – list the date that you were recognized as a club or organization by Student Leadership and Involvement
  • Click Continue

You will have the option to receive your form via fax or download a PDF.  Please save a copy of the form for future use and print a copy for the organization bank account.

If it gives you an error you will need to call the IRS at the number they give you.

JMU Athletics: There are many fundraising options on campus. One of the most popular is working concessions at JMU Athletic Events!

Non-profit organizations (including recognized student organizations) can raise money by working at the concession stands during JMU Football and Basketball games and other events.

Contact person:

Samantha Wenger

540.568.3649 or wenger-samantha@aramarkcom

How to sign-up:   Email

Volunteers needed: 5 or more for any event

Money Raised: 10% commission of sales ($50 per person guarantee)

Contingency Funds: As a recognized student organization on campus, you are eligible for Contingency Funds through the Student Government Association. Contingency is money from student fees which is given to groups to hold events, go to conferences, etc. If you need help starting a new event, or fundraising just is not covering all of your costs, you can apply for contingency. Any recognized JMU student organization in good standing with Student Leadership and Involvement for at least four months is eligible. Organizations must also show they have exhausted all forms of fundraising.

Club Treasurers: Don’t forget to do the Cash Handling training!

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