Time to Register!

All student organizations are required to complete the re-registration process each summer to alert our office that the organization will remain active for the following year. 

Student Organization Officers will receive an email when registration is open. Below are steps and information you will need when completing the process. 

  1. Log onto BeInvolved. Make sure you are listed as an officer on your organization's roster to have access to register!
  2. Navigate to your organization's page
  3. Click the blue "Group Registration" button at the top to start the process! You will need:
    1. Your executive body names for Fall 2024
    2. Your organization's constitution
    3. Your organization's mission
    4. Your organization's goals
    5. [Only applicable if you are a chapter of a national/international organization] An affiliation letter from your organization's national/international officer.

Organizations failing to complete this registration could lose all privileges and be deemed inactive by JMU.

To guarantee a table at Student Org Night, orgs must complete this registration.

Please submit officers and appropriate contacts valid for the Fall 2024. Wait to complete registration until after your executive body is confirmed/elected for Fall.  Do not submit information regarding any graduating seniors or individuals that will not be associated with the organization in the Fall.

Registration will close on September 15th, 2024. However, organizations must submit their registration before August 18th if they want to table at Student Org Night!

Questions and assistance can be directed to beinvolved@jmu.edu. 

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