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The Leadership in Action program is an opportunity for leaders to further develop and expand their leadership skills. Through a series of workshops and 1-on-1 coaching sessions, participants will learn critical actions the most effective leaders take. Participants will also set goals for themselves as they move through the program and share with their leadership coach the challenges and successes they experience.

Results from the CliftonStrengths assessment will be an important tool used by every participant to understand ways they can apply their unique strengths to be more effective leaders.

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Read on to learn how this semester-long program will engage you in:


  • a unique experience that you can’t get anywhere else
  • an opportunity to collaborate with other passionate leaders
  • a time to reflect on your own growth with personalized, 1 on 1 help
  • the best way to take your growth and development as a leader seriously
  • an action-oriented experience where you put leadership into practice in real life

The Leadership in Action program is an experience requiring you to put into action what you learn. You will attend 6 workshop sessions in person every other week. Each workshop will last 90-minutes.

coaching.jpgIn between each weekly workshop, you will participate in a 1-on-1, personal coaching session, held in-person. Each coaching session will last 45-minutes.

The schedule looks like this:

This table contains information leadership in action program sessions in each row. The table columns contain the session's time/duration, date, and topic respectively.
Time Date Topic
7 – 8:30pm Feb. 3 Introduction Session
*TBD Week of
Feb. 7
Meet Coaches
7 – 8:30pm Feb. 17 Session One: Four Needs of Followers
*TBD Week of
Feb. 21
Trust Coaching Session
7 – 8:30pm Mar 3 Session Two: Building Trust
*TBD Week of
Mar 7
Compassion Coaching Session
7 – 8:30pm Mar 24 Session Three: Showing Compassion
*TBD Week of
Mar 28
Stability Coaching Session
7 – 8:30pm Apr 7 Session Four: Providing Stability
*TBD Week of
Apr 11
Hope Coaching Session
7 – 8:30pm Apr 21 Session Five: Encouraging Hope
*TBD Week of
Apr 25
Final Coaching Session
7 – 8:30pm Apr 28 Celebration Dinner
*Coaching sessions are set at convenient times for both the coach and the participant.

You will be expected to put into action what you have learned in a specific setting, or context, of your choice where you can use your leadership skills. Although you do not need to be a formal leader, you can use a formal leadership position as a context for applying what you are learning. You may also use an informal leadership context, where you are regularly and consistently influencing the same people to accomplish tasks and work together as a group. In total, you can expect to spend about 2.5 hours a week participating in this program. It is essential that you participate in at least 85% of all workshop and coaching sessions.

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