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Your Local Address

Notification of your physical location is a requirement for all students. To meet state authorization requirements, it is very important that JMU knows your physical or local address each semester.

Every semester, every student must verify their local address for that semester as part of the Student Check-In process. The local address is where you are physically located when enrolled in school and taking classes. This address might be different than your permanent address or what you consider your official home residence. It also might be different than your local address for the previous semester.  Here are two examples:

  • Your permanent home address is North Carolina. Last semester, you lived in Harrisonburg. However, this semester, you are enrolled in an internship course and living in Wisconsin. Therefore, your local address for this semester is the one in Wisconsin.
  • Your permanent home address is in Maryland. You take all of your courses online and live at your permanent home address. Thus, your local address is the same as your permanent home address.

Before each semester begins, you will be asked to login to MyMadison ( and "check in." You will check in through the Student Center section (see image below).

Image of Student Center Link in MyMadison

When you are asked to verify your current addresses, you must provide your permanent home address AND your local address. Your local address is where you will be living during the current semester. Again, this might be different than your permanent home address.  


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