The Quality Matters organization offers a wide variety of workshops designed specifically for higher ed instructors to build instructional skills and knowledge around online teaching. The Quality Matters Rubric is the foundation for each offering. 

Workshops run from 1 to 3 weeks and are offered multiple times throughout the year. Almost all courses are delivered in an asynchronous format. Seating is limited.

If you know which Quality Matters courses you want to take, skip to the Course Registration section below.

Introductory Courses

Quality Matters offers two courses that will introduce you to the QM Rubric:

Introduction to Quality Matters: This basic introductory course will help you understand the overall purpose, structure, and application of the QM Rubric. The course is designed for individuals who are considering using the QM Rubric to redesign or design a course or implementing the use of the QM Rubric in their program, department or institution.

Applying the Quality Matters Rubric: This course is recommended to those who want to understand the QM Rubric at a deeper level by applying to specific aspects of an existing course or one currently in the design phase. This course is required for more advanced courses such as the Peer Reviewer course. 

QM Certificate Programs

Quality Matters also offers certificate programs such as the Teaching Online Certificate. To earn the TOC, you must successfully complete 7 workshops. To earn a certificate of completion or a program certification, you must successfully complete all required assignments.

Quality Matters also offers the Peer Reviewer course, which certifies individuals to participate in official course reviews. To register for the Peer Reviewer course, you must have successfully completed the Applying the Quality Matters Rubric workshop.

Course Registration

There are three ways to register and pay for a Quality Matters workshop or program:

  • Self-Pay (you register and pay with a credit card)
  • Departmental-Pay (you register and pay with departmental credit card or invoice)
  • Central Funding (you submit a QM Workshop Registration Request form and if approved, Online Learning registers you and submits payment)


For more information contact Sarah Cheverton at or 568-5321.


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