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Online Learning Council Membership

The OLC is a formal group of faculty, staff and administrators from across the university, who meet to explore, design, and recommend innovative solutions addressing current and future challenges in online and hybrid learning. The 33-member Council includes faculty, staff, administrators and students recommended by Academic Council, Administration and Finance, Student Affairs, and others. Vice-Provost of University Programs Linda Halpern serves as an ex-officio member. Dr. Doug Hearrington, Online Learning Coordinator for JMU, chairs the Council. During this academic year, the council is working to construct a strategic plan to develp and advance online learning at JMU. 

Attendance at OLC meetings is open to all interested JMU faculty, administrators, and staff.  The Council currently meets twice monthly; times and locations vary.  If you are interested in participating in these meetings, please contact for details. 

Membership List

Doug Hearrington, Chair, Online Learning Coordinator, University Programs;
Steering Committee
Sarah Cheverton, Assistant Online Learning Coordinator                     
Catherine Crummett, Assistant Vice Provost for University Programs
Terry Dean, Associate Dean, Graduate School
Michael Busing, Associate Dean, College of Business              
Jared Featherstone, Associate Director for Writing, Learning Centers
Linda Cabe Halpern, Vice Provost for University Programs
Dale Hulvey, Assistant Vice President, Information Technology
Karina Kline-Gabel, Lecturer, Foreign Language Department
Sarah MacDonald, Director, Outreach and Engagement
Joy McBride, Enrollment Information Systems Analyst, Academic Affairs
Adam Murray, Dean, Library and Educational Technologies
Karen Jagiello, Coordinator for Online RN and BSN programs, Nursing Department 
Kristi Shackelford, Assistant Vice Provost, Academic Policy and Curriculum Development
Jane Thall, Associate Professor and Department Head for Learning, Technology, and Leadership Education
Michele White, University Registrar, Office of the Registrar
Student Experience Committee
Brad Barnett, Senior Associate Director, Financial Aid and Scholarship
Lindsey Blythe, Graduate Student
Drew Davis, Director of Computer Support,   IT-Computing Support
Ozlem Ersin, Associate Dean, College of Health and Behavioral Sciences
Michelle Estes, Associate Professor in Learning, Technology, and Leadership Education
Jared Featherstone, Associate Director for Writing, Learning Centers
Theresa Jennings, Admissions Coordinator, Outreach and Engagement
Taylor Kahny, Graduate Student
Christie Liu, Senior Instructional Designer, Library and Educational Technologies
Joe Loyacano, Academic Advisor, University Advising
Valerie Schoolcraft, Director, Office of Disabilities Services
Carrie Szlyk, Graduate Student
Faculty Experience and Innovation Committee
Emily Gravett, Assistant Director of the Center for Faculty Innovation and Assistant Professor, Philosophy and Religion        
Kristi Lewis, Professor, Health Sciences (standing in for Emily Gravett)            
Liz Johnson, Associate Professor, Geology and Environmental Science
Karina Kline-Gabel,   Lecturer, Foreign Language Department
Diane Lending, Professor, Computer Information Systems    
Jesse  Rathgeber,  Assistant Professor,  School of Music
Diane Wilcox,   Professor Learning, Technology, and Leadership Education    
Eric Stauffer, Director of Instruction Design and Technology, Library and Educational Technologies

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