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What is the OLC?

The OLC is a formal group of faculty, staff and administrators from across the university, who meet to explore, design, and recommend innovative solutions addressing current and future challenges in online and hybrid learning. The 33-member Council includes faculty, staff, administrators and students recommended by Academic Council, Administration and Finance, Student Affairs, and others. Vice-Provost of University Programs Linda Halpern serves as an ex-officio member. Dr. Doug Hearrington, Online Learning Coordinator for JMU, chairs the Council. During this academic year, the council is working to construct a strategic plan to develp and advance online learning at JMU. 

Attendance at OLC meetings is open to all interested JMU faculty, administrators, and staff.  The Council currently meets twice monthly; times and locations vary.  If you are interested in participating in these meetings, please contact for details. 


The James Madison University Online Learning Council (OLC) is made up of academic and administrative representatives across the University for the purpose of improving the online and hybrid learning experiences of students, faculty, and staff. The OLC will enable the university to continually re-envision online and hybrid learning to achieve and exceed the goals established in strategic planning documents, to foster excellence in online and hybrid learning, and to promote innovation therein. The OLC operates under the aegis of the Interregional Guidelines for Evaluating Distance Education, criteria set forth by accreditors, and compliance requirements designated by various agencies. The OLC works collaboratively, through its committees, to resolve challenges brought forward by its membership and to engender greater coordination across campus in online and hybrid learning matters. Similarly, OLC members are responsible for developing and sharing strategies that will have a lasting and positive impact on online and hybrid learning at James Madison University.


The Online Learning Council will provide a formal structure for faculty, staff, and administrators across the university to explore, design, recommend, and present to key JMU stakeholders, innovative solutions and recommendations addressing current and future challenges in online and hybrid learning.

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