Through engaged teaching, research, and service, the MPA program equips current and future

public service professionals with the capacity to address complex local and global problems.

Our Students

Two-thirds of our students are full time while the rest are part-time, many working full time in local government or nonprofit organizations.  Sixty-five percent of students who entered the program 5 years ago graduated within 2-years.  Recently our graduates have taken jobs in all sectors of governance and secured prestigious fellowships such as the Presidential Management Fellowship and ICMA’s Local Government Management Fellowship.  Last years graduates (10) have found employment at all levels of government as well as in the nonprofit sector.


Completion Rates

Initially Enrolled

Graduated 100% of Degree Program Length

Graduated 150% of Degree Program Length

Graduated 200% of Degree Program Length

Total Number of Students in in 2010-2011 cohort





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