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This minor concentrates on social and political issues involving Muslim, Christian and Jewish populations in their own right and in relation to one another in the territory between the Nile and Indus rivers during the modern period. The program is also designed to accommodate consideration of other communities including Hindu and other South Asians, Anatolian and Central Asian Turks, and Mediterranean peoples in the larger area stretching from North Africa to Southeast Asia as well as Middle Eastern diaspora communities in Europe and the Americas from the ancient period to the present.

The cross disciplinary orientation of the program emphasizes comparison and a synthesis of local, regional, trans-national and global perspectives. The program provides an intellectual foundation that can be usefully applied and built upon in graduate school, the private sector or government service.

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If you would like to declare a Middle Eastern Communities and Migrations minor, or if you have questions about the minor, please contact:

Dr. Shah Mahmoud Hanifi
Department of History
Cleveland Hall, Room 306

  • Duke Hall Gallery of Fine Art at James Madison University welcomes Iranian-American visual artist Fahimeh Vahdat to campus for her exhibition titled Call Me By My Name, which will be on display from October 24 through December 09, 2017. Vahdat fled her home country of Iran as the revolution erupted (1978-1979), emigrating to England and then to the United States in 1980. Her work, which includes painting, drawings, prints, sculptures and performance art, highlights the universal refugee experience, human rights abuses (particularly against women and children in Iran and the Middle East), as well as issues of stereotypes, race, rituals, and beauty. 

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