What grades may attend EYH?

The EYH conference is for girls in grades 6-9, so online registration for students is open only to these grades.  Online pre-registration is required to attend EYH.

Students in 10th grade who have attended a previous EYH conference at JMU can apply for the High School volunteer program.  For more details, click the link for the High School Volunteer program in the menu on the left.

Parents and teachers are invited to register and attend EYH with their students.  Parents and teachers can attend workshops for adults, accompany their students to their activities, or a combination of both.

My daughter is in 5th grade. Can you make an exception and let her register for EYH this year?

No, the conference is designed for girls in grades 6-9.  This focus lets us provide the best possible experience for girls in this age range.  So if your child is younger than 6th grade, please wait until she's in 6th grade to register - we look forward to seeing you in a year or two!

Is food provided?

Yes, a bagel breakfast will be be provided. Coffee, juice, and water will also be served. Box lunches will be provided by JMU Catering.

What should I do if I cannot make the conference after registering?

If you find out that you or your daughter/student can no longer make the conference after registering, it is extremely important that you email eyh@jmu.edu to cancel your registration. Since we must prepare for each participant who registers, no-shows waste our limited financial resources and take spaces in workshops that could be filled with other interested participants. By canceling your registration if you cannot attend, you help us to accomodate more students and to keep EYH free for participants.

Is there a registration fee?

No. Due to the generosity of our sponsors, we are able to offer EYH free of charge to participants. Note that pre-registration is required for all students and accompanying adults.

Where do I register?

Registration is done online by clicking the link to the left. Registration will begin approximately one month before the conference. Join our email list to be notified when registration is opened. See the contact page for instructions on joining our email list. Student participants must also bring a completed release form signed by a parent/guardian on the day of the conference.

What if no one can accompany my daughter/student to the conference or when I want to attend the adult workshops?

Each workshop will have one or more assistants in addition to the workshop leader. The assistants are undergraduate JMU students who have volunteered their time for the day. They will be available to help your daughter with workshop activities. We will also have JMU students in the hallways between workshops to help your daughter find her next activity. We encourage a parent to attend the day so that they can have a special day with their daughter and learn new tools for supporting her studies in math and science.

How are the workshops for my daughter assigned?

Efforts are made to try to accommodate your daughter's/student's workshop preferences, and most participants get their top choices. But please realize that we have to accommodate many girls, so your daughter/student may be placed in a workshop that she may not have signed up for. And, she may discover a previously unknown interest in one of these workshops!

Can I request that my daughter/student be assigned to the same workshops as her friend?

No, we do not honor requests to match girls with their friends. This conference is a great opportunity for the participants to meet girls from other schools and make new friends. Your daughter/student will be able to catch up with her friends during lunch or at the keynote address.

When will my daughter/student know which workshops she will be attending?

She will find out on the day of the conference.

Will I be able to participate in my daughter's/student's workshops?

We encourage parents/teachers to observe the workshops and participate when feasible, but students will be given the priority. We also have workshops planned just for parents and teachers that you are encouraged to attend.

What is expected of students who attend EYH?

If you attend EYH, you must act maturely and follow the directions and instruction provided by the faculty, JMU students, and facilitators of the conference. You must attend all of the events scheduled for you, including lunch. You must remain on the JMU campus from 9:00am until the end of the conference at 3:20pm.

Are there other EYH Conferences which might be closer to where I live?

EYH is a national program.  You can see the current list of EYH conferences on the EYH Network's website.

Who do I contact if I still have questions?

If you have questions or concerns not addressed here, please contact eyh@jmu.edu.

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