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Taking on Tomorrow Episode 1

In summer 2015, the nonprofit organization TNTP slammed professional development programs for America's K-12 teachers, calling them... Read More >

Taking on Tomorrow Episode 2

There is a growing body of work supporting the benefits of theatre education. Some of the well documented benefits include increased... Read More >

Taking on Tomorrow Episode 3

In his first book, "The End of Night," and his forthcoming second publication, Dr. Bogard seeks to educate his readers on... Read More >

Madison Sholar Blog Banner

Madison Scholar provides a window into the broad range of research and scholarship that faculty and students engage in daily at James... Read More >

Improving engineering education through outreach to the next generation

Oftentimes, at least for students in engineering, the choice is influenced by some experience... Read more >

Environmental literature closes gap between science and liberal arts

As far back as I can remember my favorite writers have been those writing about outside and the... Read more >

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