Bill Luth (’89) considers a Madison Trust presentation in March 2022. Photo by JMU Creative Media

Join our panel of philanthropic investors who champion innovation, share a passion for participating in the university’s enterprising spirit, and drive the development of inventive projects, programs, and research at JMU. Donors to Madison Trust have provided $924,884 to more than 90 worthy projects. 

Igniting Innovation: Making an Impact

You’ll get to:

  • Be immersed in the intellectual core of JMU’s innovation, research, and discovery culture
  • Take an important role in life- and world-changing initiatives
  • Collaborate face-to-face with other top thinkers and doers

You’ll be expected to:

  • Be available to hear pitches on campus or online. Our next Madison Trust funding event is planned for March 10, 2023.
  • Evaluate and assess promising proposals for faculty inventions, programs, research, and collaborations that can make a difference far beyond the boundaries of our campus
  • Choose which of our JMU faculty pitches to support with your philanthropic investment

On average, members of the panel each commit $5,000 (tax-deductible gift). Graduates of the last decade usually participate with a philanthropic investment of $500.

“Madison Trust has been an amazing support for this operation.”

In 2021, Madison Trust enabled Dr. Bill Ritchie to fully develop the Africa Medical Supply Chain project, which he first began in 2019. Today, JMU students collect, warehouse, and ship durable medical equipment—supplies that would otherwise go to waste—to Ethiopia. In the summer of 2022, with a growing network of partners, the program expanded to serve Ukraine, too.

Register to Attend

Please complete your enrollment form to join our next panel of philanthropic investors on March 10, 2023. (Even if you are a returning panelist, please use this form to indicate that you will participate again this year.)

If you prefer to speak with someone, please schedule 10 minutes to talk with me at a time that’s most convenient for you. 

John Meck

John Meck
Executive Director

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