The Relationship between Leader Composure and Career Derailment Potential, and the Moderating Effect of Race, James D. Krauss, Ph.D.

Promoting Attainment: Examining the Impact of Institutional Expenditure Patterns on Graduation Rates, Matthew Lovesky, Ph.D.

The "New" Normal" A Mixed Methods Study of the Effect of the COVID-19 Pandemic on College Student Sense of Belonging, Hunter Swanson, Ph.D.


Systems Leadership on Seamless and Transparent National-Level Transfer Credit System: A Mixed Methods Study, Sevinj Iskandaraova, Ph.D.

An Entrepreneurial Mindset: Not Just For Entrepreneurs Lindsay M. King, Ph.D.

An exploration of knowledge type and firm performance: A study in the MLB, Adam Lindberg, Ph.D.

Post-Application Factors Affecting Community College Enrollment, Kyle McCarrell, Ph.D.

Experiencing the Pull and Push: Influences on Independent Contractor Motivation and Job Satisfaction, Andy Miller, Ph.D.

Transformational Leadership: The Role of Leader’s Education and Professional TrainingAhmet Shala, Ph.D. 

Using Grit Scale Scores to Predict Retention and PersistenceKristen Sowden, Ph.D.

Analysis of Alumni Giving at a Public Tier 1 Post-secondary Institution Based on Student Activity Involvement: Multivariate Logistic Regression Modeling for Alumni Giving Six to Nine Years from Graduation, Michael Speight, Ph.D.


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