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SSL December Graduates


Jonathan Stewart, Ph.D.

Postsecondary Analysis and Leadership Concentration

Dissertation Title: 

Theatre as an Intervention for Empathy Development among Undergraduate Students 

Dissertation Committee:

Benjamin S. Selznick, Ph.D. (chair)            Strategic Leadership

Karen A. Ford, DSW                                  Strategic Leadership

David A. Stringham, Ph.D.                         Music Education, JMU


Geary Cox, II, Ph.D.

Nonprofit and Community Leadership Concentration

Dissertation Title: 

Leading from the Field – Funded international nongovernmental organizations and the participatory development of long-term impact assessments 

Dissertation Committee:

Margaret F. Sloan, Ph.D. (chair)                 Strategic Leadership

Karen A. Ford, DSW                                  Strategic Leadership

Charles Blake, Ph.D.                                 Political Science, JMU

SSLS Alumni News

Dara Hall, Ph.D.

Dr. Hall was promoted in July 2019 to Director of Teacher Education and made a member of the JMU College of Education Executive Leadership Team!

Since our spring update, Dr. Hall completed her work with the Virginia Clinical Faculty/New Teacher Mentor Best Practices (VBPN) report. Dr. Hall led a webinar with VBPN mentors in September, and presented the report and related research at a state-wide conference this fall in Roanoke, VA.

Hall, D. M. & Wall, L. (2019). Framework for Developing Culturally Competent Clinical Faculty at the Fall 2019 VACTE/ATE-VA Conference: Reclaiming and Proclaiming Teacher Education and The Teaching Profession in Virginia in Roanoke, VA.

Hall, D.M. (2019). The Ever Evolving State of Admissions into Teacher Education Programs at the Fall 2019 VACTE/ATE-VA Conference: Reclaiming and Proclaiming Teacher Education and The Teaching Profession in Virginia in Roanoke, VA.


Terry Fernsler, Ph.D.


Dr. Fernsler presented his paper, "Studying Complexity Leadership Theory In Complex Nonprofit System" in the paper panel, "Unraveling the Gordian Knot: Nonprofit engagement in complex adaptive system" panel at the annual ARNOVA conference on November 22nd in San Diego, CA. On his way back to Harrisonburg from ARNOVA, he gave a lunch talk at the Bush School of Government and Public Service at Texas A&M University: "Jumping Into Complexity: Starting a Rural Nonprofit."



Stephen Lambert, Ph.D.

Dr. Lambert has taken on an additional role at Susquehanna University as Adjunct Faculty in Accounting. He's teaching a new permanent course in business statistics called “Data-Driven Decision-Making.” He includes fundraising data and non-profit decision scenarios where statistics aid non-profit organizations to maintain fundraising capacity and increase competitive advantage.

Calvin Chung, Ph.D.

Calvin Chung, Ph.D. 

Dr. Chung and colleague Dr. Chanwan "Isaac" Woo (Communication Studies, JMU) presented their study titled Shared Leadership: Bridging Intergenerational Gap in a Korean Immigrant Church at ARNOVA19 in San Diego, CA this November. The study presents a case of a Korean immigrant church that has been a good model of a successful immigrant church. The church’s success stems from church leaders’ understanding of the intergenerational gap between first- and second-generation immigrants and implementation of shared leadership between two congregations. 

Christopher J. Rehm, Ph.D.

Christopher J. Rehm, Ph.D.

In September, SSLS alum Dr. Christopher Rehm co-presented a session entitled "Developing a Billion Leaders" as part of the International Leadership Association's Evolution of Influence: Youth Lead. This virtual conference focused on engaging global dialogue on how the approach to youth leadership and youth activism has changed over the years. 


Heather Strine-Patterson, Ph.D. 

In November, Dr. Heather Strine-Patterson was selected as the new Editor-in-Chief for the Journal of Student Affairs Inquiry (JSAI). JSAI is an online, peer-reviewed publication for inquiry (including assessment, evaluation, and research) in student affairs. The journal aims to advance the scholarship of the practice of inquiry in student affairs. As its editor, Dr. Strine-Patterson will provide leadership to the journal’s editorial board and reviewers to advance the journal’s aim.

Many congratulations to you on this accomplishment, Dr. Strine-Patterson!

SSLS Grants & Awards

 Ms. Sevinj Iskandarova and Dr. Karen Ford

Sevinj Iskandarova (Postsecondary) and SSLS Director Dr. Karen Ford received an Accelerating Creative Teaching (ACT) Grant Award from JMU Libraries for their project "Creating Scholar-Leaders: Teaching Experiential Learning through Technology at the Doctoral Level." Well done on this collaboration Dr. Ford and Sevinj!

In October, Dr. Ford also presented findings from her and Sevinj's research at the International Leadership Association 21st Annual Conference in Ottawa, Canada (#ILA2019Ottawa). Dr. Ford presented Creating Scholar-Leaders: A Case for Experiential-Learning at the Ph.D. Level as part of the session titled Exploring Leadership at the Doctoral Level: Preparation, Writing Circles, and Growing Relational Leadership.  Dr. Ford and Sevinj's work explores the use of experiential learning in the Strategic Leadership program, focusing on the required externship (LEAD 891). The study has implications for pedagogy, leadership development, and agency-university partnerships.

2019 JMU Faculty Senate Mini-Grant Awardees

Congratulations to all of the SSLS faculty, alumni, and current students that were awarded a mini-grant from the JMU Faculty Senate!  The Faculty Senate offers the opportunity for instructional faculty to apply for mini-grants (up to $5,000) to fund engagement projects aligned with engaged learning, civic engagement, and community engagement in support of JMU's mission "To be the national model for the engaged university: engaged with ideas and the world.” 


Laura Hunt Trull (SSLS alum, 2015)

Social Work, College of Health and Behavioral Studies

Awarded $1,355.00 for Remote Area Medical (RAM) Clinic Project

Emily Akerson, Kelly Atwood, Karen Ford, Jenna Morgan Clarke, Melody Eaton, Yvonne Frazier, Steve Grande, Margaret Sloan, Daniel Sullivan, and Laura Hunt Trull

Departments of: Nursing, Social Work, Strategic Leadership, Community Service-Learning

College of Health and Behavioral Studies and College of Business

 Awarded $4,950.00 for REACH: Rural Engagement and Capacity-building Hub Community Meetings

Theresa Lind (current student, Postsecondary)

Hart School

College of Business

Awarded $4,500.00 for A Partnership of Community Engagement: The Hart School and Massanutten Technical Center

Travel Grant Awards


Zach Yoder

Ph.D. Candidate, Postsecondary

Zach Yoder was awarded $750 total in travel grants ($250 from The Graduate School, $500* from SSLS donor-supported funds) to present at the Association for the Study of Higher Education 44th Annual Conference (#ASHE2019) in Portland, Oregon. Zach and Dr. Ben Selznick presented their collaborative paper Postsecondary Dynamics: Promoting Student Success in Cybernetic Organizations as part of the paper session titled  Change and Student Success Through Organizational Lenses.

Current students Whitney Tate (Organizational Science) and Dan Finseth (Postsecondary) were awarded $250* each to attend the New Directions in Leadership Research Conference at Duke University's Fuqua School of Business with Dr. Adam Vanhove in June 2019.

Johnny Ginnity (Organizational Science) was awarded $700* in support of a summer abroad course focusing on entrepreneurship, innovation, technology for an applied intercultural leadership experience. 


SSLS Milestones

Nonprofit and Community Leadership

  • Theresa Reimbold
  • Kathleen Johnson

Postsecondary Analysis and Leadership

  • Natasha DuMerville
  • Lindsay King
  • Wendy Lushbaugh
  • Nick Swayne
  • Matt Lovesky
  • Kyle McCarrell
  • Zach Yoder
  • Melissa Altman

Organizational Science and Leadership

  • Andy Miller
  • Alyse Lehrke
  • Ahmet Shala
  • Kristin Sowden
  • Adam Lindberg
  • Tiffany Brutus
LEAD 891 Externship Organization Sites


Hunter Swanson

Eastern Mennonite University

Jalal Maqableh

State Office, Small Business Development Center, George Mason University

Johnny Ginnity

Harrisonburg-Rockingham Free Clinic

Kristi Shackelford

The Association of Governing Boards of Universities and Colleges (AGB)

Spring 2019 Course Offerings

LEAD 703/PSYC 605 Intermediate Inferential Statistics, Dr. Selznick

LEAD 750 Organizational Theory, Dr. Vanhove

LEAD 752 Organizational Change and Strategic HR Mgmt., Dr. Vanhove

LEAD 760 Proseminar in Nonprofit Organizations, Dr. Sloan

LEAD 762 Organizational Governance, Dr. Sloan

LEAD 780 Policy Development in Higher Education, Dr. Selznick

LEAD 890 Advance Leadership Dynamics, Dr. Ford

LEAD 891 Externship, Dr. Ford

LEAD 900 Dissertation, Selznick, Sloan, and Vanhove

SSLS Student News

Promotions and Career Advancement


Cover Heishman

In July, Cover Heishman (Postsecondary) accepted a new position in the Office of Student Accountability and Restorative Practices (JMU) as Associate Director of Case Management. Congratulations, Cover!


Jonathan Stewart, Ph.D.

In July, Dr. Tim Miller announced that Jonathan Stewart was selected as the Associate Director of Finance, Information Technology, and Assessment of JMU Student Affairs! Jonathan Stewart was ABD at the time of the announcement, but has since defended his dissertation and is now Dr. Stewart!


Johnny Ginnity

As of August 2019, Johnny serves the College of Health and Behavioral Sciences as a full-time instructor for the Department of Health Professions. This fall Johnny taught courses on Ambulatory Care Administration, Health Politics and Policy, and Health Care Marketing.

Andrew Miller

Andrew "Andy" Miller

In August, SSLS doctoral candidate Andrew Miller was named the new director of the MBA and MA in organizational leadership programs at Eastern Mennonite University! Miller succeeds Dr. David Brubaker, who has been named to a leadership position within the university’s new three-school academic structure. More info at https://emu.edu/now/news/2019/andrew-miller-named-new-director-of-mba-maol-programs/.


Conference Presentations


Dan Finseth

Dan Finseth (Current Student, Postsecondary) also traveled to ARNOVA to present research this past November! Dan presented his paper Unequal Protection: Do Police Foundations Reflect a Hegemonic System? which explored whether the board composition and donations to police foundations in the United States reflect a hegemonic system. The study used logistic regression to analyze the board composition of 50 police foundations to identify whether they may reflect hegemony. Police foundations in the cities of Chicago, Baltimore, and Alexandria, Virginia were used as case examples.



Matthew Lovesky awarded President's Purple Star Award

Doctoral candidate Matt Lovesky was awarded the President’s Purple Star for Workplace Health and Safety in August! This award recognizes a JMU employee that leads the way in promoting a safe and healthy work environment, suggests workplace improvements, and promotes and supports the importance of a safe and healthy work environment. Matt currently serves the University as the Assistant Director for Aquatics and Safety at UREC. Great job and congratulations, Matt!

SSLS Faculty News

Dr. Ben Selznick

Conference Presentations

Selznick, B.S., Mayhew, M., Zhang, L. & McChesney, E.T. (2019, November). Disrupting the Tech-Bro Code: Building Women’s Innovation Capacities Through Undergraduate Experiences. Paper presented at 44th Annual Association for the Study of Higher Education Conference, Portland, Oregon, United States of America.

Mayhew, M., Selznick, B.S., Zhang, L., Barnes, A., & Mangia, S.C. (2019, November). Flipping the (Innovation) Script: Developing Innovators Through A Flipped Curriculum. Paper presented at 44th Annual Association for the Study of Higher Education Conference, Portland, Oregon, United States of America.

Selznick, B.S. & Yoder, Z.* (2019, November). Postsecondary Dynamics: Promoting Student Success in Cybernetic Organizations. Paper presented at 44th Annual Association for the Study of Higher Education Conference, Portland, Oregon, United States of America.

Selznick, B.S., Mayhew, M. & Zhang, L. (2019, August). The effectiveness of a curricular approach to developing undergraduates’ innovation capacities. Paper presented at The European Higher Education Society Conference, Leiden University, Netherlands.

Selznick, B.S. & McCarthy, S. (2019, August). University Innovation and Innovators: A Response-able Conceptual Model. Paper presented at The European Higher Education Society Conference, Leiden University, Netherlands.

*Denotes collaboration with SSLS Student


Selznick, B.S., Zhang, L. Mayhew, M., Bock, C. & Dilmetz, D. (2019). Developing Students' Innovation Capacities: A Comparison between US and Germany. In R. M.O. Pritchard (Ed.), The Three Cs of Higher Education Competition, Collaboration and Complementarity (pp. 233-250). Budapest, Hungary: Central European University Press.

Selznick, B.S. (in press). Developing Innovators: Preparing Twenty-First Century Graduates for the Idea Economy. New Directions for Higher Education. Applied Learning in Higher Education: Curricular and Co-Curricular Experiences that Improve Student Learning, 188, 81-90.


Dr. Selznick was awarded second place for the College of Business Teaching and Learning Scholarship Award presented by Dean Busing at the Annual COB Faculty and Staff Awards Luncheon in August. 


Dr. Margaret F. Sloan

Conference Presentations

Sloan, M.F., *Lind, T. & *Veyna, M. (2019, November). Internal Influences on Alumni Giving to Graduate Programs. Paper presented at 48th Annual ARNOVA Conference, San Diego, California, United States of America.

*Denotes collaboration with SSLS Student


Dr. Adam J. Vanhove

Conference Acceptances

Dr. Vanhove had three papers that were recently accepted for presentation at the Society for Industrial-Organizational Psychology conference in April 2020 in Austin, TX. One is coauthored by Brooke Graham (Current Student, Organizational Science). Another is first-authored by Whitney Tate (Current Student, Organizational Science).

Vanhove, A. J., *Graham, B. Z., & Thornton, G. C., III. (2020). Subgroup differences in assessment center ratings: A meta-analysis of moderators. Poster presentation, SIOP conference. Austin, TX, April 23-25.

*Tate, W. M., Vanhove, A. J., & Kedharnath, U. (2020). Using the actor partner interdependence model with leader-follower data. Poster presentation, SIOP conference. Austin, TX, April 23-25.

Kedharnath, U., & Vanhove, A. J. (2020). Leader-follower implicit leadership theory congruence effect on leader and follower outcomes: The mediating role of leader-follower LMX congruence. In A. Goswami (Chair). Examining the consequences of congruence in follower constructs. Symposium, SIOP conference. Austin, TX April 23-25.

*Denotes collaboration with SSLS Student

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