Foreign Language Placement Exams(FLPEs) are offered in order to determine the placement of a student who is continuing the study of a language at JMU. The FLPEs are not graded and they do not give students credit. The exam scores are valid for three semesters.

You will need to take a Foreign Language Placement Exam if all of the following are true:

  • If you plan to continue studying your high school language at JMU.
  • You've taken 2 or more years of Spanish, French, German, Italian or Russian in high school.
  • If you have not taken the SATII for the language you studied in high school.

Looking to fullfill your two-year language requirement for a B.A. program?  Click here for more information.

Note for Orientation Students following the One Book Checklist:

If you have determined you do not need to take a foreign language placement exam, you can simply skip the FLPE step on the One Book Checklist and go on to the next step. Not having that step checked off will not prevent you from completing the other steps.

Still not sure if you need to take the Foreign Language Placement Exam? 

Answer these questions to find out.

International Students and Heritage Speakers should look here for information.

If you need a placement exam in a language other than Spanish, French, German, Italian or Russian, please email the contact person for that language to arrange to take a placement exam.

If you are already sure that you want or need to take the Foreign Language Placement Exam

you may proceed to the instructions. 



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