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Minor Coordinator; Associate Professor, Political Science
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Dr. Kristin Wylie is an Associate Professor of Political Science at JMU. Her teaching interests include gender and politics, comparative and global politics, political institutions, race, development, social movements, and research methods. Her research examines how electoral rules, political parties, and constituencies interact to affect the representativeness and accountability of democracy. She is currently developing a research agenda exploring popular movements for political reform, and connections between women's participation in social movements, electoral politics, and gender equity policy initiatives.


Political Science


Party Institutionalization and Women’s Representation in Democratic Brazil (2018)

"The Representation of Women" (co-author; 2019)

"A Law on Paper Only: Electoral Rules, Parties, and the Persistent Underrepresentation of Women in Brazilian Legislatures" (co-author; 2016)

"Brazil Votes on Sunday. And Brazilian Women Have a Better Chance at Reshaping its Politics than Ever Before" (co-author; 2018)

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