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Assistant Professor, Anthropology
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"Making Space Under the Inca: Space syntax analysis of a mitmaq settlement in Vilcashuamán province, Peru" (2019)

"ED-XRF analysis of obsidian artifacts from Yanawilka, a settlement of transplanted laborers (mitmaqkuna), and implications for Inca imperialism" (2018)

"The Revolutionary Power of Andean Folk Tales" (2017)

"John Wymer Bursary Report: War or peace? Assessing the rise of the Tiwanaku state through projectile-point analysis" (2017)

"Approaches to the Archeology of Ethnogenesis: Past and Emergent Perspectives" (2013)

"Los documentos en el Archivo San Francisco de Lima sobre el obraje de Pomacocha de las monjas de Santa Clara de Huamanga" (2012)

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