In order to align the management of fiscal, human, and material resources, the university established strategic priorities. Such priorities provide a sharp plan focus over a particular period of time. When the university is determining where to invest resources or how to assess performance, we will begin (but not end) with these priorities.

Priority #1 – Being the Change at Work and in the World

We will be an innovative engine powering student lifelong learning and providing the skill sets and solutions that education, business, government and other constituents have come to expect from JMU as we are truly being the change.

Supporting Core Qualities and Linked University Goals:


Priority #2 – Embracing Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI)
We will advance access and affordability for qualified students from all backgrounds, diligently removing obstacles to success.

Supporting Core Qualities and Linked University Goals:


Priority #3 – Attracting the Students of Tomorrow
Our approach to enrollment management will be visionary and innovative, astutely anticipating national demographic trends, meeting community needs and fueling Virginia’s commitment to be the most well-educated state.

Supporting Core Qualities and Linked University Goals:


Priority #4 – Recovery and Learning from COVID-19 in 2020-21 and Beyond
As we join our local and regional communities, the Commonwealth and nation in recovery from the impact of COVID-19, we will diligently restore systems and processes to optimum operation, improve policies and practices to prepare for future disruptions, and capitalize on continued innovation and new adaptations so that they become new-normal best practices.

Because of the breadth of Priority #4 in impacting virtually all university departments, no specific core qualities have been called out in support of this priority.

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