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Mission: We are a community committed to preparing students to be educated and enlightened citizens who lead productive and meaningful lives.
Vision: To be the national model for the engaged university: engaged with ideas and the world.
Values: Academic Quality, Community, Diversity, Excellence, Integrity and Student Focus

Our culture of philanthropy is understood, embraced and practiced across the JMU community.

University Goals

Goal 4A: Through all its constituencies, the university will foster the understanding that everyone has a meaningful role in the advancement of the university.

Goal 4B: The university will develop and communicate ambitious and inspiring giving opportunities.

Major Initiatives

Increase Private Support

  • Increase Endowment. By aggressively demonstrating that the new vision for James Madison University is a worthy endeavor in which to invest, move endowment past $100 million by 2019.
  • Launch a Comprehensive Campaign. In support of the university’s bold new vision to become the national model of the engaged university, publicly launch a comprehensive campaign to reach all alumni and friends of the university and raise private giving to new levels.

Thoughts about this Core Quality

The Resources Committee of the Madison Future Commission concluded that the current university funding model could not be sustained long term. In fact, that was the most important strategic issue listed by the committee. The committee sited declining public support and increased costs that cannot be sustained by tuition and fees into the future. At the same time, the Fundraising Committee found that there wasn’t a complete understanding of the need for JMU to receive private support. For instance, the Fundraising Committee found that, while alumni give JMU a 97% satisfaction rating, only 7% of alumni give. This may be because we’re so effective at lean operation, students and alumni don’t see the need. Therefore, the Fundraising Committee forwarded this core quality on philanthropy.

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