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Mission: We are a community committed to preparing students to be educated and enlightened citizens who lead productive and meaningful lives.
Vision: To be the national model for the engaged university: engaged with ideas and the world.
Values: Academic Quality, Community, Diversity, Excellence, Integrity and Student Focus

We are a community committed to academic rigor, engaged learning and teaching excellence combined with the intentional involvement of students and faculty in meaningful research and scholarship.

University Goals

Goal 2A: The university will make teaching excellence and academic rigor top priorities and will provide adequate and sustained support to ensure appropriate student-faculty ratios and continuing professional development.

Goal 2B: The university will provide appropriate levels of sustainable support, oversight and accountability for students, faculty and staff engaged in research and scholarship.

Goal 2C: The university’s mission, vision, values and/or core qualities will be reflected in faculty and staff evaluation and curriculum development.

Thoughts about this Core Quality

The Academics Committee of the Madison Future Commission suggested the following as a core quality reflecting the university’s commitment to teaching and the overall student experience: “Through its distinguished faculty and staff, JMU offers an exemplary undergraduate education grounded in the liberal arts and distinctive graduate studies with academically challenging programs, intentional student engagement, opportunities for community outreach, and a global perspective.” The University Planning Team adapted that into the first core quality. That was then broadened by the university’s senior leadership team, resulting in two academics-related core qualities to reflect the importance of academics overall. So, the previous core quality addresses academic quality in terms of our excellence in programs while this core quality represents our commitment to teaching as well as scholarship and research.

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