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Mission: We are a community committed to preparing students to be educated and enlightened citizens who lead productive and meaningful lives.
Vision: To be the national model for the engaged university: engaged with ideas and the world.
Values: Academic Quality, Community, Diversity, Excellence, Integrity and Student Focus

Our university community offers a vibrant experience, supported by a wide range of state-of-the-art recreation and wellness opportunities and outstanding intercollegiate athletics.

University Goals

Goal 10A: The university will provide a wide range of fitness and recreation opportunities targeted to the needs of the university community.

Goal 10B: Student-athletes, teams and coaches will compete annually for NCAA post-season appearances and earn conference, state and national recognition for excellence in both academics and athletics.

Goal 10C: The university will value student-athletes by supporting their academic success.

Thoughts about this Core Quality

The Resources Committee of the Madison Future Commission proposed the following draft core quality: “Intercollegiate Athletics contributes to a vibrant student experience bringing pride, positive energy and national exposure to the university. Student-athletes will experience a holistic program emphasizing personal development, academic achievement, civic engagement and competitive excellence.” In addition, the Student Life & Success Committee, as it drafted a definition of “student life” included in the definition: “recreation, diversity, overcoming obstacles, academic experiences, athletics, living in community (campus, local, global), including faculty, staff, students & alumni, school spirit, social relationships, personal needs, cultural competence. The Board of Visitors also emphasized the importance of athletics in engaging support for the university as well as recreation’s role in developing the whole student. In considering what student life in campus community should mean, the president and senior leadership team keyed off the committee work to draft this core quality.

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