A&P Faculty Leave

 What are the dates for the A&P Faculty Leave year?

The A&P Faculty Leave year runs concurrently with the fiscal year: July 1 through June 30 of each year.

 How much A&P Faculty Leave will I be granted?

12-month A&P Faculty members will receive 24 days (192 hours) on July 1 of each year. For those hired after July 1, those who work prorated workweeks, or for those who work less than 12 months, a prorated amount will be awarded. 11-month A&P Faculty will receive 22 days, 10-month A&P Faculty will receive 20 days, and 9-month A&P Faculty will receive 18 days.

Hire Date     

A&P Faculty Leave Granted


24 days (192 hours)


23 days (184 hours)


22 days (176 hours)


21 days (168 hours)


20 days (160 hours)


19 days (152 hours)


18 days (144 hours)


17 days (136 hours)


16 days (128 hours)


15 days (120 hours)


14 days (112 hours)


13 days (104 hours)


12 days (96 hours)


11 days (88 hours)


10 days (80 hours)


9 days (72 hours)


8 days (64 hours)


7 days (56 hours)


6 days (48 hours)


5 days (40 hours)


4 days (32 hours)


3 days (24 hours)


2 days (16 hours)


1 day (8 hours)

 How do I enter leave requests?

Leave is to be requested through MyMadison. See the Leave Entry tutorial for instructions on how to enter leave requests.

 What is the smallest amount of A&P Faculty Leave that I can request?

A&P Faculty may request leave in 4.00 hour increments. Leave taken in increments other than 4.00 hours should be discussed with a supervisor.

 May I request leave in advance or must I wait until after the date has past?

Yes, leave requests may certainly be made in advance and this is encouraged. Your supervisor will not receive an email to approve the leave until after the date has past. Seek prior approval from your supervisor before entering your request in MyMadison.

 Can my leave record be changed after it is approved by my supervisor?

Yes, corrections can be made. Your supervisor will need to email the Leave Specialist with the corrections that are needed.

 As a supervisor, how do I approve/deny leave requests?

Supervisors approve/deny leave requests through Manager Self-Service and MyMadison Approvals. See the Manager Leave Approvals tutorial for instructions on how to approve/deny leave requests.

 How much A&P Faculty Leave can I carry over into the new fiscal year?

A maximum of 10 days (80 hours) of unused leave can be carried over on a yearly basis.

**As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic’s effect on the ability to use available A&P Faculty Leave by the A&P leave year end (6/30/2021), senior leadership has approved an exception, for this year only, to increase the maximum A&P leave carryover amount from 80 hours to 120 hours, representing an additional 40 hours of leave carryover.

Important details:

  • The carryover modification will be applied automatically. No application or form is required. 
  • The additional 40 hours of leave carryover must be used by 6/30/2022 (end of the A&P Faculty Leave year) or the hours will be forfeited.
  • The maximum A&P Faculty Leave carryover amount will return to 80.00 hours effective 7/1/2022.
  • Eligible leave payout amounts upon termination have not changed.

 Questions concerning A&P Faculty Leave or the increased carryover amount can be directed to the Leave Specialist, Reagan Neese, at neeserw@jmu.edu.

 Why can't I see last year's leave transactions?

Each leave year, at year end, these transactions are archived in preparation for the new leave year.

 Will A&P Faculty now earn sick leave?

Sick leave procedures and calculations for those who participate in the Faculty Sickness and Disability Program or the Virginia Sickness and Disability Program (VSDP) will not change. 

 Will I have a leave payout if I separate from the university or transfer to another state agency?

Only those A&P Faculty members with 10 or more years of state service will receive a payout of unused A&P Faculty Leave hours when separating from the university.  This payout will be capped at 20 days (160 hours) and will be issued on the pay date following your final hours worked check.

 If I transfer from an A&P Faculty position to a classified position, what will happen to my leave balance?

Only those A&P Faculty members with 10 or more years of state service will receive a payout of unused A&P Faculty Leave hours when transferring from an A&P Faculty position to a classified position. This payout will be capped at 20 days (160 hours). The leave payout will be issued on the first pay date associated with the classified position.

 Rather than receiving a leave payout upon separation, can I roll over the payout into my retirement account to avoid taxes?

Yes, if you currently participate in a supplemental retirement account such as the 403(b) or 457, you are able to roll over your leave payout as long as you do not exceed your contribution limit. Contact the Retirement Specialist to discuss this option.

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