Log into MyMadison and click the Employee tab. Under Employee Leave, you will see two hyperlinks: Add or Edit Leave Request and View Leave Balance.

MyMadison - Employee Leave

Submitting a Leave Request
To enter a leave request, click on Add or Edit Leave Request. On this screen, all fields are required, with the exception of the Comments field, in order to successfully submit a leave request. Below are field by field instructions, or if you want additional detail, view the Leave Request Tutorial.

  1. Check your available balances: Review the table in the middle of the page to determine which leave type you will use and make sure you have an available balance for that leave type.

  2. Add a new blank row: If a new blank row does not exist in which to enter your request, click the “+” beside any existing row to insert a new blank row.

  3. Select a leave type: Select a Leave Type from the drop down list. If you have a zero balance for that leave type, you will receive an error message alerting you to select a different leave type.

  4. Choose a begin date: Use the calendar icon to select a Begin Date for your leave request or directly type the date (MM/DD/YYYY) in the field. The day of the week (i.e. Tuesday) corresponds to the date you entered and appears as you tab or click off of the field. Use this to confirm that you have entered the appropriate date.  

  5. Choose an end date: The end date defaults to the same date as the begin date you entered. If your leave request spans more than one day, enter the End Date (up to five days total) and the system will calculate the hours for you, based on an 8-hour workday.

  6. Enter hours: You must enter the number of Hours that your leave request covers.
    • Leave must be entered in 15 minute (0.25 hour) increments. The only exceptions are:
      • The Personal Leave Day must be used in the full eight-hour increment.
      • Exempt A&P Faculty must request A&P Faculty Leave in four-hour increments.
    • If the request spans two or more days, the Hours field automatically populates based on eight hours per day and is not available to edit. For example, if you enter a request that spans two days the hours will default to 16.

  7. Enter comments: You may use the optional Comments field to keep a record of and to communicate with your supervisor how you are using the leave time. For example, for community service hours, you may enter “Field Trip  8-12” in this field.  

  8. Enter another request: To enter multiple requests, use the "+" symbol at the end of the row to create a new row for each request.

  9. Click the Save button: To finalize your request(s), click the Save button at the bottom of the page. This creates a pending request that your manager must approve before it is considered final and recorded in the system.

Editing or Deleting a Leave Request
To edit a request, simply edit the fields you wish to adjust and click the Save button. To delete a request, use the “-” symbol at the end of the row you wish to delete. The fields will clear and you will see a message that you must Save the page before the delete will be final. As long as your request is pending (your manager has not approved or denied it), you may edit or delete it. Once your manager has approved or denied your request, it will no longer appear on this screen and therefore cannot be changed or deleted through MyMadison.

View an Approved Leave Request
Go to View Leave Balances to review approved leave requests.

Deleting an Approved Leave Request
If you need to delete an approved leave request, your supervisor will need to email the Human Resources Leave Specialist.

Leave Requests that Cannot be Submitted through MyMadison
Certain leave types cannot be entered using MyMadison and must be submitted to the Leave Coordinator due to specific documentation being required. These leave types include: Administrative Leave, Civil and Work-Related Leave, Educational Leave, Military Leave, and Volunteer Fire and Rescue Leave.

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