Purple Star Awards


The University strives to promote the success of faculty and staff who contribute and support the University through their daily interactions, research, and commitment to JMU. In support of the Governor's Award program, JMU has established the President's Purple Star Awards to recognize the contributions to the University made by faculty and staff.

The recipients received recognition at the President’s Opening Address ceremony and a certificate commemorating the award. The award recipients have been nominated on behalf of the President's office as JMU's nominees for the Governor's Honor Awards.

Purple Star Awards

Agency Star

The employees nominated typically have been recognized within the agency because of their contributions to the overall mission, objectives, and values of the agency. Because there is such great variation from agency to agency in employee recognition programs, we refer to them generically as “Stars.” For instance, an agency may select an “Employee of the Year,” as well as employees that best represent each of their agency values.

Career Achievement

The employee nominated has a record of consistent achievement over time that has significantly improved the efficiency and effectiveness of Commonwealth operations. For instance you may have an employee who has demonstrated personal achievement and is frequently called upon for advice because of his/her expertise and experience.

Community Service and Volunteerism

The nominated employee volunteers his/her own time in non-profit community activities or serves as the “extra pair of hands” in agency activities. For instance, you may have an employee who helps build a house for Habitat for Humanity or who coordinates your Commonwealth of Virginia Campaign at your agency.

Customer Service

The employee nominated consistently provides a level of service to solve the customer's problem; communicates effectively with customers about services, policies and procedures; and treats customers with dignity and respect. For instance, you may have an employee who has received a letter of commendation from the public about customer service, or you may have already identified a specific employee who has rendered outstanding customer service throughout the year.


The employee nominated produces results such as increased productivity, efficiencies, or cost savings through creativity and bright ideas that are implemented within the agency or state government.


The group of employees consistently exhibits the qualities that make teamwork essential to an agency’s success, including coordination of efforts to produce quality service or innovative results. As an example, an appropriate nomination would be a team that achieved substantial savings through re-engineering processes within an agency.

Workplace Health, Wellness and Safety

The nominated employee leads the way in promoting a safe and healthy work environment, suggests workplace improvements, and promotes and supports the importance of a safe and healthy work environment. For instance, you may have an employee who consistently suggests workplace improvements to reduce the risk to other employees or someone who has done particularly well in identifying ways to reduce workers compensation claims in your agency.


Nominations may be submitted anytime throughout the year. The lengthy nomination period provides nominators with the opportunity to submit nominations after performance evaluations are completed each fall, when employee accomplishments are still top of mind.

View the nomination guidelines and procedures.


Recipients are selected as the result of a review by the Purple Star Awards Committee, which consists of employees and leaders from across the university.


Purple Star Award recipients are honored at a the President’s Opening Address to faculty and staff.

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