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The Well offers educational programming to the JMU community rooted in primary prevention of power-based personal violence, including sexual assault, dating/intimate partner violence, and stalking.

Power-based personal violence affects individuals of all ages, genders, sexual orientations races, abilities, socioeconomic statuses, and religions. Our educational programs are open to all students, as we present through an intersectional lens and show our support for all survivors. 

Primary Prevention

Educational programs rooted in primary prevention seek to build protective factors and decrease risk factors for the perpetration of power-based personal violence. Strategies include promoting and sustaining the development of healthy sexuality, healthy relationships, and socially just institutions. These programs are comprehensive, inclusive, sustained, interactive, and informed by best-practices in the field of violence prevention.

  • Green Dot - bystander intervention involving faculty, staff and students in prevention
  • 1787 Bystander Intervention Program - led by trained faculty and staff
  • Sexual Assault Prevention for Undergraduates is an online educational program completed by incoming students which addresses sexual assault, relationship violence, stalking and sexual harassment. Provided by Everfi.
  • Red Flag Campaign - prevention programming during Domestic Violence Awareness month
  • Prevention programming during Sexual Assault Awareness month in April
  • Partnering with CARE - student group focusing on preventing sexual assault
  • Additional programming upon request

If you would like to receive programming on preventing sexual assault, intimate partner violence, or stalking, please contact Arianna Sessoms, Prevention Coordinator

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