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Dukes Step Up!


Have you ever been concerned about a situation and wanted to help... but didn't?

You're not alone.

This situation is more common than you think, and is known as the bystander effect.

Dukes Step Up! is a bystander intervention program that educates students about a safe, early, and effective way to be proactive in helping others.

Be a Dukes Step Up! facilitator during 1787 Orientation...

We are seeking facilitators to be a part of Dukes Step Up! during 1787 Orientation in August 2015.  Student facilitators will be specially trained to facilitate the 75-minute, interactive program with FROG groups.  The goal is to encourage the incoming class of 2019 how to become more aware of their surroundings, and to develop the skills necessary to intervene in situations involving hazing, intimate partner violence, or alcohol before they become emergencies.

To be a facilitator, students must:

Have comfort speaking in front of a large group (up to 40 participants).

Posess an energetic, dynamic personality with the ability to work with diverse personalities in a training setting.

Be in Harrisonburg and fully available for training on August 25th and 26th from 12:30-7:00 pm, and on August 27th from 11:00 am-9:30 pm (the program occurs on this date).

Students living on-campus will be able to move into their residence hall early.  For students living off-campus, we can work with you on accomodations for early move-in.


Student facilitators will receive a Dukes Step Up! t-shirt, catered meals during training, other incentives, and a $100 stipend.  

Next Steps:

If intererest, email Liz Howley, or Tia Mann, for more information and an application.

Just one Duke can make a difference!