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Tell Us About JMU

Hometown & Country: Myanmar
High School / Previous Institution: Royal Academic Institute ('18)

Why JMU? "JMU is a great campus and learning environment where I can learn what I truly desire. JMU has a supporting environment that inspire me to extend beyond my expectations.
For my major, computer science, JMU CS department has a great curriculum to teach me with all fundamental knowledge and skills to become an exceptional person."

What do you like best about JMU? "JMU community is the best thing I like about JMU. JMU has a huge community where they will always there to support. First and favorite team is the LINKER team that actually helped me with the transition from home country to JMU culture, helped me cope with cultural difference, home sick, and everything."

What suprised you? "My first time on campus, meeting with all those 20+ linkers in first day on campus really surprised me. I did not expected to see all those super friendly Linkers who cared for me and other international students. The JMU orientation is amazing, there are many events and parties throughout the campus for all new students. I'd never seen something like this before I came to JMU"

What is your favorite class? "My favorite fun class is Kinesiology class, I took a class with swimming as the class exercise. We swim twice every week. This class is like an actual exercise class where lectures are straight forward so I do not have to worry about learning anything. I met a lot of good friends and teammates there."

What do you like to do in your free time? "In my free time, I usually do a wide variety of things. Depending on the time of the day, I would be hanging out with my friends, catch up new movie series on Netflix, read the articles. If it is during the weekday, I would be helping someone with their projects and assignments. I'm also Teaching Assistant for CS department so that I would be reviewing and planning for next day in class and lab."

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