The advancement and diffusion of knowledge is the only guardian of true liberty. - James Madison

Why join the President’s Council?

Because President’s Council members understand the value of a JMU education, they are determined to help ensure that the Madison Experience will continue to educate and enlighten generations to come. In the face of reduced support from the state legislature and the increasing concerns over costs, President’s Council members provide immediate, essential support to the students, faculty and programs at James Madison University.

Membership Circles

Citizen Circle ($1,000* — $2,499 annually)

James Madison believed that an engaged citizenry was necessary for the success of the republic. That foundational responsibility is reflected by members of the Citizen’s Circle whose gifts provide a base of support for the university’s historic commitment to producing educated and enlightened citizens. Join this circle.

Statesman Circle ($2,500 — $4,999 annually)

The young American republic thrived because of the statesmanlike leadership of James Madison in the construction and adoption of the U.S Constitution. Statesman Circle members’ gifts reflect Madison’s achievement by providing the materials, equipment and other resources for JMU’s broad-based engage- ment programs. These programs play a key role in producing graduates who will lead lives that are both productive and meaningful. Join this circle.

Ambassador Circle ($5,000 — $9,999 annually)

Ambassador Circle members are among the university’s strongest advocates. They understand the value of engaged learning programs such as practicums, internships and other similar learning experiences and help create these opportunities. They promote the unique qualities of the Madison graduate that have distinguished the university throughout its history. Join this circle.

Liberty Circle ($10,000 or more annually)

James Madison believed that liberty and learning were intrinsically linked and essential to the American experiment. Liberty Circle members maximize their annual investment in JMU as a way of sustaining this most important Madisonian ideal in today’s world. They are committed to the university’s mission and fully support its vision to become the National Model for the Engaged University: Engaged with Ideas and the World. Join this circle.

* Current students become members of the President’s Council with a donation of $100; Graduates of the past decade are eligible with gifts of $200 (1-5 years out) or $500 (6-10 years out) 

President’s Council members enjoy certain donor courtesies, such as:

  • A welcome packet with materials to show the world you support JMU
  • Special invitations to President’s Council and other exclusive JMU events 
  • Opportunities for involvement with Madison leadership 
  • Regular email newsletter with special updates and features 

James Madison University’s President’s Council members are our university’s leaders in annual giving who contribute $1,000* or more during each fiscal year.

Give now

Council members understand that the legacy of James Madison has had a profound influence on the university’s mission, and that members’ annual private gifts are similarly essential to the university’s future. President’s Council members designate their gifts for many different purposes at the university, all of which help sustain the best of Madison and Madisonian ideals. 

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