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I wouldn't trade my JMU experience for the world. This community is so tight-knit and everyone at JMU has always been so supportive of me. I applied for the Madison Forever Scholarship because my father unexpectedly lost his job in August of my senior year. My little sister is also a student at JMU, and her twin brother attends college in Pennsylvania. My parents were struggling to afford three out-of-state tuitions on one income, so we decided to reach out to JMU for help.

Receiving a Madison Forever Scholarship changed my life. I was crushed at the thought of not being able to complete my nursing degree. Because of this scholarship, a huge financial burden was lifted from my family and I graduated, on time, with the people I have grown to care about most. I accepted a job at Medstar Georgetown University Hospital and began work right after graduation as a registered nurse in the inpatient Neurosurgical Intensive Care Unit. I am extremely humbled and grateful because the Madison Forever Scholarship helped to take the stress out of my senior year and allowed me to focus on getting my dream job!

The Madison Forever Scholarship fund provides immediate support where the need is most urgent, helping Dukes like me overcome unanticipated financial challenges and graduate in the face of life-changing events. That type of support is transformational.

Make a gift to the Madison Forever Scholarship today, and you will guarantee a student in need will be able to remain at JMU tomorrow.

Grace Dimond ('19)
Bachelor of Science in Nursing

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