We asked, you answered.

Get to know what GOLD Alumni are saying about engagement and giving at JMU. Help us open up more conversations to better engage GOLD alumni with JMU! Responses are from the 2015 Alumni Survey.

1/3 of respondents of the survey were recent alumni, of those alumni, one fourth were current donors.
2/3 of recent alumni respondents were women - matching the population's gender ratio
The Top 7 ways GOLD would like to be engaged: 1. Athletics 2. Networking 3. Alumni Groups 4. Career Support 5. Mentoring Students 6. Volunteering 7. Continuing Education
Most want to hear from local alumni, their department chair, students, dean of their school
Top 5 sources GOLD use for info 1. Fellow alumni 2. JMU facebook 3. Madison Magazine 4. alumni.jmu.edu 5. Alumni facebook
Alumni with a cause; our GOLD Alumni make a difference in the world and have various causes that they support financially.
Top 5 places GOLD give: 1. need based scholarships 2. program needs 3. merit scholarships 4. where gift is needed most 5. student programs
GOLD Alumni have many shared reasons to give through JMU, including... proud of their association - 2,626 ensure opportunities - 2,077 support students in need - 1,973 believe JMU makes a differences in the world - 1,804 like the JMU mission - 1,761
GOLD Alumni do not give to JMU, mostly for financial reasons cannot afford to give - 2,147 student loans - 1,840 gave with tuition - 1,116 unsure where money goes - 1,061

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