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We foster lifelong relationships with our graduates of the last decade to inspire philanthropic engagement with JMU.


By Fiscal Year 2020, we will sustain 5,000 annual GOLD donors and be the connection for graduates of the last decade to engage and invest in JMU.

Core Values

We build opportunities for engagement so that GOLD can create lifelong and genuine relationships with the JMU community.

We embody philanthropy to JMU, because through our actions we can encourage our peers to join us.

We embrace stewardship as a way to say "thank you" and demonstrate the powerful impact of annual gifts on the university and beyond.

We value education, because informing GOLD about the importance of supporting JMU is the first step in creating a lasting connection and the habit of giving.

We empower through inspiration to help GOLD alumni make a difference by investing their time and talents in JMU.

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