Achieving great things today at James Madison University requires a healthy endowment. As state funding for higher education continues to diminish, JMU will increasingly look to a growing endowment to give access to deserving students, lessen their debt burden, and to support the Madison programs that innovate solutions to societal issues.

Why does it matter?

When you make a gift to the Madison Endowment, the JMU Foundation invests it so that it will generate income each year for the university. Four percent of the endowment’s market value is the anticipated amount available for use each year. Any additional return is reinvested.

Said another way, JMU has an extra $2.64 MILLION dollars every year it can use to enhance the Madison Experience. Said another way, JMU has an extra $2.64 MILLION dollars it can spend every year to enhance the Madison Experience, assuming a four percent rate of return. Imagine what we could do with more.

Going down the I-64 corridor to Old Dominion University, their larger endowment means they have an extra $7.2 million dollars a year to spend on students, assuming a four percent return.

Growing the endowment will be absolutely vital to support JMU's bold new vision to become the national model of the engaged university. Our goal is to move the endowment past $100 million by 2019. It's an aggressive goal, but your annual gifts can help us achieve it.

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