Student Thank You Letter Writing Sessions are held at least twice in the Fall semester at different locations on campus. We will send out notifications to students once the sessions are scheduled for the coming Fall semester. Students will be able to meet with Donor Relations staff in-person where we will provide stationary materials and scholarship/donor biographies. You may email the office for information about the sessions scheduled for the current academic year.

If you are not able to make it to one of these in-person writing sessions, you have the following additional options:

  1. Stop by our office in person. We have a letter writing station set up. Donor biography books are available for researching your scholarship. Letter writing materials are available for your use. Please write your letter and address the envelope to the donor. We will log it in, make courtesy copies, stamp and mail the letters.
  2. Drop your letter in campus mail to us. Use the phrase MSC 3604 to send for free through inner-office mail.
  3. E-mail us at If you don't have transportation to our office, you may email us your letter. We will print it onto a note card and mail it to your donor.

In your note you should include the following information: your name, which scholarship you received, where you are from, class year, what you are studying, why the scholarship is meaningful to you and special projects or activities that you are working on, or involved with. Many donors themselves are alumni and are anxious to stay connected with current students who have benefited from their generosity.

Our office is in Sonner Hall located on 481 Bluestone Drive on the lower level. Please call or email prior to coming so that the office will be staffed. **Thank You notes may be shared by University Advancement for the purpose of acknowledging gifts in support of JMU. Also, this information may be used in communications materials (i.e., annual publications, newsletters, the website) for the purpose of highlighting the impact of private support. Forms will be available if students wish to opt out of sharing their letters.

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