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What is the GOLD Network?

If you graduated in the last 10 years, the GOLD Network is YOU! GOLD stands for Graduates of the Last Decade and includes all young alumni from the Class of 2007 to Class of 2017. The purpose is to help young alumni invest their time, talent, and treasure in a meaningful way. 

The GOLD Network is represented by the GOLD Network Board, a group of 36 diverse, enthusiastic young alumni that represent JMU graduates of the last decade as a whole.

2018-19 Dates to Remember

September 14th - 16th:
GOLD Network Board Fall Retreat (on-campus)

October 26th - 28th: Homecoming

February 9, 2019:
GOLD Network Board Winter Retreat (on campus)

March 15, 2019: 
Alumni Awards Banquet

March 21, 2019: Giving Day

June: Madison Alumni Conference

GOLD Fun Facts

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