1. Making a Reservation
  2. Rental Rates
  3. Event Planning Checklist
  4. Policies

Making a Reservation

JMU Faculty, Staff, and Students

Members of the JMU community can reserve a location in Festival Conference and Student Center by using the online Event Management System (EMS) at https://ems.jmu.edu/VirtualEms/.

You can login to EMS using your JMU eID and password (do not include @jmu.edu or @dukes.jmu.edu in the login). For complete instructions, please see the video tutorial on the Event Management website at https://www.jmu.edu/eventmanagement/. If you need further assistance, please contact Katie Ramella at (540) 568-1716 or ramellmk@jmu.edu.

Non-JMU Customers

We welcome facility reservations from people who are not part of the JMU community. To reserve a space for your event, please contact Katie Ramella, Event Scheduling Coordinator, at ramellmk@jmu.edu or (540) 568-1716 to schedule your event.

Rental Rates

Reservations at Festival are free of charge for members of the JMU community conducting official business. For non-JMU customers, the cost for renting a room at Festival depends on the location and the duration of the reservation.

Room Base Rate Each Additional Hour Daily Max
Ballroom - Grand Ballroom $875 $175 $2800
Ballroom - Ballroom A or B $375 $75 $1200
Highlands Room $250 $50 $800
Allegheny Room $200 N/A $200
Conference Rooms 2-5 $75 N/A $75
Conference Room 7 $125 $25 $400
Drum - Lower Drum $375 $75 $1200
Drum - Upper Drum $200 $40 $640

Event Planning Checklist

This list can help you to plan your event at Festival Conference and Student Center:

  1. Contact the Event Scheduling Coordinator to establish available date(s) for your event.
  2. Reserve appropriate date(s), space(s), and times.
  3. Read the instruction letter and confirmation contract that we email to you.
  4. Return the signed contract and deposit within two weeks of receipt. Please note that your reservation is tentative until we receive the deposit and signed contract.
  5. Contact the Special Events Catering office at (540) 568-6637 to make catering arrangements.
  6. Contact Katie Ramella at (540) 568-1716 or ramellmk@jmu.edu to make parking and/or shuttle arrangements.
  7. Finalize all setup details and equipment needs at least two weeks prior to your event by contacting Bob Davis at davisrd@jmu.edu or (540) 568-1715.
  8. Send your certificate of insurance to Katie Ramella at ramellmk@jmu.edu.
  9. Finalize catering arrangements with the Special Events Catering office at (540) 568-6637.
  10. Send payment for the final invoice within 30 days of receipt.


Customer is required to adhere to all University policies, regulations, guidelines, and all local, state and federal laws concerning health, safety, and public order. Failure to comply with these regulations may result in forfeiture of the privilege of using University facilities and services.

University regulations include but are not limited to the following in University buildings and on University property:

  1. The University may revoke the campus privilege, including residency in or utilization of any of its buildings by any occupant whose conduct, solely in the University’s opinion, becomes injurious to the academic community.
  2. All individuals will abide by Virginia law, federal law, and University regulations regarding intoxicants, narcotics, and drugs. Virginia law requires that a person be 21 (twenty‑one) years of age to purchase or consume beer, wine, or liquor.
  3. Firearms, weapons, ammunition, fireworks, and explosives are not allowed within the residence hall or buildings, or on the grounds of the University.
  4. Parking in any service, handicapped or fire lanes is strictly prohibited.
  5. Tampering with the fire systems, fire alarms, or firefighting equipment is prohibited.
  6. The Purchaser is prohibited from selling any food items or refreshments on University property. Retail sale of other items may be permitted at the discretion of the University.
  7. Aramark, Inc. has exclusive rights to provide food and beverages on campus. Arrangements associated with food and beverages for any events must be coordinated through the Special Events Catering office (540-568-6637).
  8. Open flames, including candles of any type, are prohibited in these facilities. Incense is also prohibited.
  9. Smoking is prohibited in these facilities.
  10. The use of tape is prohibited on all surfaces. Sign holders are available upon request. No posters or banners may be placed in common areas.
  11. Door windows are not to be covered. There should be nothing placed on any window.
  12. Exits are to be open and clear at all times. No tables are to be set across exit door for any reason. Aisles are to remain clear at all times.
  13. A reserved space is to be returned to its original condition before leaving.
  14. Damages to any facility or equipment contained in the facility during an event will be charged to the sponsoring organization and could affect future reservation privileges.
  15. Any excess trash is to be picked up and bagged and disposed of in the facility dumpster. Spills must be cleaned up immediately. Glitter, sand and confetti are prohibited. Any facility area requiring more than normal time to clean after an event will be billed to the sponsoring organization at a rate of $50 per hour of labor.

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