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Faculty Senate Mini-Grants: Awards

2021 Awardees and Projects


Academic Unit

Engagement Project

Jeremy Akers, Laura Dengo and Elizabeth Edwards

Health Professions

The Impact of Ultra-processed Food Consumption on Inflammatory Biomarkers among College Students

Elizabeth Ann Arnold and Laura Taalman

Mathematics and Statistics

Haynes Scholars: A Diverse Residential Learning Community for Math Leadership in STEM

Emma Bedor Hiland

Communication Studies

Interviews with Tiny House Advocates

BJ Bryson, Modjadji Choshi and Ailton S. Coleman

Social Work

Black Family Health Portal

Michelle Cude

Middle, Secondary and Math Education

Proven Partnership in Teaching Citizenship to Community Immigrants

Rory DePaolis

Communication Sciences and Disorders

Taking the Speech-Language Clinic to the Communities Surrounding JMU: Intervention for Developmental Success

Allison Fagan


Bringing Harrisonburg 360 Online

Diana Galarreta-Aima

Foreign Languages, Literatures and Cultures

Salud Latina: A Partnership between JMU Faculty and Students, Harrisonburg RAM Clinic and Our local Spanish-speaking Community

Amy Goodall

Integrated Sciences

Enhancing a Garden Program through Increased Communications

Dana Haraway, Robbie Higdon, Kris Wiley and Michelle Cude

Middle, Secondary and Mathematics Education

Educational Justice meets Virtual Exchange: Tablets for Girls in Nasaruni Academy

Adrienne Hooker and David Wang

Media Arts and Design

Nutrition Literacy: Multilingual Learning Activities Utilizing Comic Characters to Encourage Fresh Produce Consumption and Food Education with the Blue Ridge Area Food Bank, Gus Bus, and Harrisonburg City Public Schools

Ashley Taylor Jaffee, Mary Beth Cancienne, Gianluca De Fazio, Elaine Kaye and Nicole Wilson

CAL, COE and Libraries

Teaching Hard Histories for Racial Healing: Lynching in Virginia Curriculum Project

Erin Kamarunas

Communication Sciences and Disorders

Hands-On Learning with Adaptive and Therapeutic Swallowing Equipment

Elisabeth Kvernen

Media Arts and Design

Here & There – a Photography Workshop for Refugee Young Adults

Jennifer Lang-Rigal

Foreign Languages, Literatures and Cultures

Spanish in Harrisonburg

Amy Lewis, Cindy Hunter and David Stringham


More Stories and Songs: Expanding A Music and Social Work Collaboration with Gemeinschaft Home

Elizabeth Richardson

Health Professions

Implementing Creative Solutions to Address Current Local Education System Challenges

 Gerald Weniger

 Health Professions

PA Student Skills Development with Medical Procedure Simulation

Reece Wilson

Young Children's Program

Promoting Outdoor Play for Young Children


Past Awardees and Projects

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