Article I: Name

The name of this organization is the James Madison University Faculty Senate (“Faculty Senate”).

Article II: Place of Business

The office for the transaction of business of the Faculty Senate shall be James Madison University, 800 South Main Street, Harrisonburg, Virginia, 22807.

Article III: Purpose

The purpose of the Faculty Senate shall be to represent the instructional faculty of James Madison University, and to exercise the delegated authority of the instructional faculty in the consideration of all policies and issues that affect the academic climate and direction of James Madison University.

Article IV: Powers

The Faculty Senate has all the authority and the responsibilities vested in it by the instructional faculty of James Madison University.

Article V: Membership

The Faculty Senate shall be comprised of members who represent the instructional faculty of James Madison University. The business and property of the Faculty Senate shall be managed and controlled by its members.

The Faculty Senate is to have two classes of members, voting members and non-voting members.

One class of members shall possess voting rights (“voting members”). The voting members, and the qualification and rights of the voting members, are as follows: voting members shall be instructional faculty members elected by the instructional faculty members in the academic units of James Madison University. They shall meet such additional criteria and be elected in the manner as described in the bylaws.

The Faculty Senate shall also have a class of members who do not possess voting rights, who shall serve ex-officio on the Faculty Senate, according to the provisions of the bylaws. 

Article VI: Officers

The officers of the Faculty Senate and the manner of election of the officers shall be as provided in the bylaws.

Article VII: Bylaws

The bylaws adopted by the Faculty Senate shall be the governing rules of this Faculty Senate so long as they are consistent with this Constitution.

Article VII: Amendment

This Constitution may be amended by a vote of the faculty of James Madison University, provided that more than one-half of the total number of full-time faculty members employed by James Madison University participate in the voting process, and further provided that two-thirds of the faculty members who vote approve the amendment.

Proposed constitutional amendments require readings of the proposed amendment at two regularly scheduled or specially called meetings of the Faculty Senate. Discussion at a Faculty Senate meeting may only take place after the full text of the amendment has been electronically distributed at least two weeks before the second reading to all members of the faculty. The Faculty Senate must endorse proposed amendments by a two-thirds majority vote of the full membership of the Faculty Senate before submitting the amendment to the full faculty for a vote.

An amendment to the Constitution approved by the faculty shall become effective when approved by the president and the Board of Visitors of James Madison University.

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