Modern Campus Curriculum (formerly known as Curriculog) forms are being updated for the 2024-2025 academic year. New proposals can be entered when the forms are available on September 2, 2024.

Curriculog is the online curriculum system (OCS) for reviewing curricular proposals.

Faculty members can access existing courses and enter course information through this secure online curriculum system. Approvers are notified through email when proposals are ready for review.

The online system requires the same information as the previously used forms, and the approval process follows established C&I procedure.

OCS is available for:

  • Creating new courses
  • Modifying existing courses or programs
  • Deleting existing courses or programs

New programs

New programs (including majors, minors and certificate programs) will eventually be entered into Curriculog; however, those proposals must first be pre-approved through the Provost Curriculum Conference (PCC) preview process. In addition, the following proposals must also go through PCC preview prior to being entered into Curriculog: proposals that require resources, proposals that affect general education as a whole, and proposals that significantly affect other programs across campus. For information on the PCC preview process, including the steps required, access to the forms used, helpful guidance to prepare your PCC proposals and scheduling the PCC review, please contact Paula Maxwell, Associate Vice Provost for Curriculum at You will be guided through that process.

Click for an overview of the new program proposal process.

General Education

Proposals that involve the General Education program or any of its courses or pathways through it (e.g., pre-requisites, new courses, experimental courses, modifications, articulations) should begin with a consultation with the General Education Council’s C&I chair after review of the program’s C&I process and handbook.

Proposal Assistance or Curriculog Training

Prior to starting the Curriculog proposals, we highly recommend contacting our office for assistance to ensure they are entered properly. Requesting our assistance may save you time and frustration. For assistance with proposals or to schedule training on the Curriculog system, please contact us at

Training materials may also be accessed by visiting

This system reflects the joint efforts of Academic Affairs, Information Technology and the Office of the Registrar. The online curriculum system works across platforms for undergraduate and graduate courses.

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