Proposal Originator: The faculty member responsible for developing the idea and producing the documentation for a course or program proposal, as well as discussing all implications (including resources) with the academic unit head before proceeding to the C&I process.

Academic Unit Head: The department, program or school lead administrator responsible for committing unit resources, course scheduling, and assessment; should be consulted at the beginning of the initiation process and is required to sign off prior to submission of proposals to the College C&I.

Academic Unit C&I Committee: Faculty members responsible for approving proposals at the academic unit level. Each academic unit has its own C&I committee. 

Academic Unit C&I Chair: Chair of the academic unit C&I committee; responsible for coordinating academic unit proposals.

College C&I Committee: Committee comprised of academic unit C&I chairs from all academic units within a college; responsible for approving proposals before they are available for university approval.

College C&I Chair: Chair of the college C&I committee; responsible for coordinating proposals within the college. Acts as a resource for faculty C&I questions. 

Graduate Governance Committee: College committee which reviews graduate-level proposals.

Graduate Council: The chief policy-forming and advisory body for The Graduate School. This committee reviews all course and program proposals at the graduate level.

Committee on Academic Programs (CAP): A university committee which serves as the final faculty and administrative body to review and recommend to the president and board of visitors matters related to curriculum. It reviews new programs, significant program changes, BA/BS requirements, and contested issues that cannot be resolved within the college C&I committees.

Associate Vice Provost for Curriculum (AVPC): The AVPC oversees the pre-proposal process and conducts the final review of all curriculum proposals. 

Registrar: The Registrar must be notified through the C&I process to finalized curricular changes. The Registrar assigns subject identifiers and has final approval of course numbers. The AVPC/Curriculum Office notifies the Registrar’s Office of all curricular changes.

College C&I Chairs Committee: Made up of College C&I Chairs, as well as the Registrar and representatives from University Advising and The Graduate School. This group negotiates C&I procedures, shares information on curriculum, and resolves conflicts. 

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