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Department Head
Year Started at JMU: 2022
Contact Info
Pronouns: she/her

Becky Childs, Department Head 

Specialization: Sociolinguistics, Language and Identity, Language and Gender, Southern English, African American English, Appalachian English


  • 2005 PhD (Linguistics), University of Georgia
    Title of Dissertation: Investigating the Local Construction of Identity:
    Sociophonetic Variation in Smoky Mountain African American Women’s Speech
    Areas of Focus: Sociolinguistics, Phonetics, Phonology
  • 2000 MA (English: Sociolinguistics Track), North Carolina State University
    Title of Thesis: A Hyde County Clusterfest: Consonant Cluster Reduction in a
    Historically Isolated African American Community
  • 1999 Linguistics Society of America Summer Institute in Linguistics, University of Illinois
  • 1997 BA (Major: English; Minor:TESL), University of Florida

Dr. Childs' curriculum vitae

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