All Faculty Documents have moved to a SharePoint folder. To access the SharePoint, visit and login with your JMU e-ID and password.

To access JMU English Department SharePoint, use the following link: 


1. Go to and login using your JMU e-ID and password.

JMU Office login


2. Once in Microsoft Office 365, find the square of dots in the upper left corner and click to display Microsoft Apps. From there, select SharePoint.

sharepoint menu

3. After selecting the SharePoint app, you will be redirected to your SharePoint homepage. If you are in any other Teams groups or  Sharepoint sites, they will show up here, so be sure to select the site titled "JMU English Department." From the JMU English SharePoint homepage, you can select "Faculty Documents" on the right navigation bar and find all faculty documents.

 english sharepoiknt

faculty documents


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