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While we focus our energies on one undergraduate engineering degree program, we designed it to be customized by each of our students, whether it be through crafting their own capstone topic, a personal mix of electives, or smart engagement in engineering extracurriculars. These opportunities offer a learning landscape to craft a Madison Engineering experience unique to each of our students.

Fall Semester
Spring Semester

Live in the engineering dorm; create solutions to community needs; learn to turn ideas into prototypes; discover engineering needs and careers; become a Madison Engineering Changemaker; present your first project at the year-end Madison Engineering xChange.

  • Engineering Opportunities
  • General Education (2x)
  • Calculus 1
  • Physics 1
  • Engineering Decisions
  • General Education (2x)
  • Calculus 2
  • Physics 2

Work on a year-long design to delight a local child with cerebral palsy; join a MadE student organization; learn how to lead an effective project team; become an Engineering Ambassador; search for an engineering internship.

  • Design 1
  • General Education (2x)
  • Calculus 3
  • Chemistry 1
  • Design 2
  • Statics & Dynamics
  • Management 1
  • Linear Algebra and Diff Eq
  • Chemistry 2

Start your 2-year long capstone project;
become a University Innovation Fellow; find a research project to explore an interest; share your work at the xChange; do an engineering abroad course; create a student organization.

  • Design 3
  • General Education
  • Management 2
  • Thermal-Fluids 1
  • Circuits & Instrumentation
  • Design 4
  • General Education
  • Materials & Mechanics
  • Thermal-Fluids 2
  • Elective

Serve as an Engineering Leader; complete
your capstone project; lead a student organization; present your work at the xChange and a conference; apply to grad school, accept a job offer, or start a business.

  • Design 5
  • General
  • Sustainability 1
  • Systems Analysis
  • Elective
  • Design 6
  • General Education (2x)
  • Sustainability 2
  • Elective

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