JMU Engineering is an ABET accredited, 4-year interdisciplinary Bachelor of Science degree program.

  • We offer a world-class undergraduate engineering experience based on a philosophy of learning by doing.
  • Our relatively small classes facilitate supportive mentoring by faculty and require a high level of student engagement.
  • Our project-based curriculum is designed to provide a modern way to specialize.
  • Our capstone project experience provides a platform for customized learning in a focused area of interest.
  • We will provide you with an engineering education rich in design, systems analysis, project management, and opportunities to customize your learning through elective courses in areas of concentration.

These lead to better learning experiences, more substantial references, and a portfolio of engineering work.

After learning through rigorous and authentic project work, you will graduate project-ready, and be prepared for the flexibility and resilience needed in our rapidly changing work world.

Are you ready to make a difference, create groundbreaking solutions, and have an amazing career? Join us for one of the nation’s truly modern engineering experiences, providing curriculum, faculty, and spaces that give you the engineering knowledge, skills, and attitudes needed for success.

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