At JMU Engineering, we believe in 'one degree, many pathways,' empowering students to chart their unique journey towards success. Whether you specialize in one of our exciting new concentrations or prefer to tailor your degree through a diverse range of elective options, the choice is yours.


Civil and Environmental

Are you passionate about shaping our world while protecting our environment?

Our Civil and Environmental concentration prepares students with the skills to

  • Analyze structural systems and design
  • Model and build infrastructure that abides by codes, specifications, and responsible stewardship of natural resources

In this concentration, you'll delve into computational techniques for analyzing and modeling structures, master building codes and construction standards, and explore innovative sustainable practices. From designing steel and concrete infrastructure to implementing eco-friendly solutions, you'll be at the forefront of responsible engineering.



Are you ready to join the movement towards a cleaner, healthier planet? 

In our Geo-Environmental concentration, you'll learn to

  • Analyze environmental systems
  • Design and build engineered processes that control pollution and restore ecosystems

Through hands-on projects and dynamic coursework, you'll explore sustainable environmental practices and design solutions for resource-constrained systems. You'll also dive into restoration projects and harness the power of life cycle analysis to engineer products and processes that promote a brighter, more sustainable future.


Electro-Mechanical Systems

Are you fascinated by the convergence of mechanical, electrical, and computer engineering?

Our Electro-Mechanical Systems Concentration is your gateway to designing, analyzing, and building cutting-edge systems that seamlessly integrate these disciplines. From autonomous vehicles to robotics and the industrial Internet of Things, you'll explore

  • A diverse range of electro-mechanical systems
  • Dive into process control design or any other system that senses, responds physically or electrically, and is under computational control

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