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Welcome! Please note that although we attempted to be inclusive of all engagement, we can never capture 100% of the work that happens at JMU; therefore, this is not an exhaustive list.  

JMU understands engagement as consisting of three facets - Engaged Learning, Community Engagement and Civic Engagement. We define them to provide some structure and clarity for the members of our community; however, we recognize that there is plenty of overlap between the three. We also realize that not all engagement-related work fits neatly into one of the categories. While we know that the definitions are necessary, we focus our understanding of the concept by emphasizing community and individual relationships as the center of our uniqueness as an engaged university. Faculty-student relationships, relationships with the local and global community and partnerships that foster deep and purposeful learning are the focus of our vision.

Try searching for key words or phrases, such as ‘civic engagement’, ‘Harrisonburg community’, ‘K-12’, or course titles (ENG 318).

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Name of Engagement Description Benefits Areas of Engagement Date Format Involvement Scope Community Partner Name Primary Focus of Program Contact Person

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