HRD 123: Leadership Styles, Theory, and Application

D.E.E.P Impact: Exploring Multicultural Competency for Effective Facilitation

This course is offered each fall semester to undergraduate students. It is required for any students who are interested in becoming a Diversity Educator, and open to any students interested in social justice and dialogue facilitation.

Exploring Multicultural Competency for Effective Facilitation will prepare students enrolled to facilitate dialogue on social justice issues and potentially become a diversity educator. The course integrates concepts around dialogue facilitation, emotional intelligence, group dynamics, power, and social identities to provide students with the skills necessary to facilitate dialogue and engage in effective dialogue facilitation. Students will act as dialogue participants and facilitators in various dialogues throughout the course, write personal reflections, critique cultural texts, and create projects to learn and demonstrate knowledge and skills. This course is taught by Dr. Oris Griffin.

Course Objectives:  

At the conclusion of this course, students will be able to:

  • Demonstrate an awareness of their own social identities, including a recognition of privilege and marginalization
  • Demonstrate an increased knowledge of various social identities and identity groups
  • Critique cultural texts such as songs or video clips
  • Develop diversity education programming, including creating educational presentations and selecting dialogue models
  • Identify and apply skills for effective facilitation, including active listening and trigger management
  • Apply group dynamics concepts to their experiences
  • Demonstrate emotional awareness through self reflection

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